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Puerto Rico's Leading Quality of Life Magazine

Informative articles on nutrition, beauty, health, exercise, family affairs, entertainment, and more make this magazine the perfect guide to improve your quality of life. Bonus Issues include annual Doctors' Choice, Hospitals' Choice, Manjares and Medguide issues.

Established in: 1990 Readership: 340,000
Frequency: Monthly Distribution: Islandwide
Published in: Spanish

Buenavida is Puerto Rico's first and only total quality-of-life magazine. Buenavida promotes every family member's well-being with informative articles on nutrition, beauty, skincare, health, fitness, family affairs, child care, preventive medicine, men's health, home safety, exercise, and much more. Thanks to its timely, insightful information and how-to tips, Buenavida is the practical guide to better living... helping you live the good life!

With a total readership of almost 340,000, advertising in Buenavida will bring results to any product or service that appeals to a quality-of-life audience.

Editorial Content

  • Health
  • Preventive Medicine, Medications, Treatments, Surgeries, and Natural Remedies
  • Nutrition, Cooking Tips, and Recipes
  • Furnishing, Gardening, and DecorationIdeas
  • Family Well-being
  • Fitness, Exercise, and Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Book, Music, Video, and Movie Reviews
  • Social Events
  • Celebrity Interviews
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Restaurant Guide
  • "Hombres" (Special Editorial section for men)