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Casiano Communications' Integrated Marketing Group specializes in developing innovative solutions to our clients' marketing challenges. By looking at marketing and advertising from a different perspective, we are able to devise a highly targeted program that integrates a variety of disciplines like traditional advertising, direct response, sales promotions, and public relations, among many others. By combining different media into an integrated marketing program, the effect is one of synergy, where the cohesive whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. This synergy is the key to our unique approach, as it allows our clients to achieve results impossible to get through individual marketing vehicles.

Casiano Communications has by far the most complete and constantly updated database of professional and business associations, as well as middle to upper-income individuals in Puerto Rico.

Since 1980, our company has been compiling subscriber lists, continuously adding names and records to our database by implementing the latest database management hardware and software. Many additional lists of have been added over the years and are constantly updated most of them on a monthly basis. In this manner, our clients get accurate list, which can be segmented according to their specifications. Our lists can be segmented by demographic and geographical area and gender, among other criteria. List rental rates vary depending on volume and segmentation requirements.