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Month-by-month Guide to Pregnacy and Baby's First Year

Written by physicians and specialists in easy-to-understand language, this is the perfect publication for future parents and other family members. Provides complete information on pregnancy and the miracle of birth.

Established in: 1994 Readership: 210,000
Frequency: Annual Distribution: Worldwide
Published in: Spanish

Created specifically for mothers-to-be, Agenda para Mamá is Puerto Rico's month-by-month guide to pregnancy and baby's developmental years. Written by doctors and specialists in easy-to-understand language, this special-interest annual publication provides detailed explanations. Sixty-five thousand babies are born in Puerto Rico every year, many to new mothers. Agenda para Mamá is the bible for new mothers and fathers.

Editorial Content

  • Family Planning
  • The Father's role
  • Choosing your Doctor and the Hospital
  • The Different Stages of Pregnancy
  • Exercise and Nutrition During Pregnancy
  • Maternity Fashions
  • Labor, Birth, and Post-natal
  • Newborn and Infant Fashions
  • Monthly Infant Growth and Development Profile
  • The Child's Developmental Years